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The boats are easy to set up and are fast straight away. Our charter boat at the ISAF Youth Worlds was superb and was ready to race!...

- Emile Amoros FRA 1st 29er Worlds 2013 1st ISAF You [Read More]

About Ovington Boats

Ovington Boats is one of the worlds most successful small boat building businesses specialising in the high performance dinghy market. We have an enviable reputation for quality and service across a wide range of products including the manufacture of the Olympic Class 49er, the ISAF and RYA Youth Asymmetric 29er Class, Musto Performance Skiff, VX One, Flying Fifteen and International 14. The business distributes its boats and spares throughout Europe and the rest of the World. Ovington Boats are also able to build and design and develop boats to specific requirements.

We operate from our workshop of just under 1000m2 based in North Shields in the north east of England. All our boats are hand built to the highest standards using a variety of modern materials and construction methods.


Ovington Boats was founded by Dave Ovington in 1975. Dave started off building traditional wooden boats and in particular race winning Enterprises. With the search for lighter boats Dave progressed to using glass fibre and developed the application of vacuum bagged foam sandwich construction. Sadly, in March 2005 Dave died suddenly - but his legacy lives on in the business and the people who have worked at Ovington Boats for many years.

The Ovington Team

Chris Turner

Chris Turner – Managing Director

Chris joined Ovi Boats in 2005, this enabled the company to continue after the sad loss of Dave Ovington. Chris deals with boat building and any technical issues. He has wealth of knowledge of composites and boat manufacture. He's well known in the International 14 and Scorpion fleets both as a sailor and a builder. Chris designs and manufactures all new tooling requirements and deals largely with the internal politics of the 9er builders.

Nigel Carruthers – Operations Director

Nigel started with Ovi's in March 2013 to help direct & improve the production teams. He has a wealth of operational experience having worked in Engineering, FMCG and Automotive industries. Nigel will be improving upon current manufacturing practices & standards in order to ensure our continued growth maintains Ovington's high quality products.

peter coyles

Paul Coyles – Financial Director

Paul Joined the Ovington team in May 2013 to head up the finance department. A CIMA qualified accountant with over 15 years experience, Paul has worked across a range of industries where he has thrived on being a hands on team player. Paul's commitment to providing the best level of service is ideally suited to the Ovington brand and a great addition to the team as the business continues to develop the range.

Nathan Bachelor –   Sales Manager  

Nathan first joined us in November 2010, left and returned April 2013. He has a sailing background and regularly competes with his Solution and many other boats. Nathan keeps Ovi’s web site up to date with the latest news and offers so check it out regularly. Whether you would like to purchase from us or have a query about you boat, Nathan is always happy to assist.

Nathan Bachelor

Duncan Hepplewhite – Field Sales Manager

Duncan has previously worked for Laser and then ran his own successful business promoting Ovi's to the Scottish segment. He joined us full time in May 2013 and travels around the UK and Europe supporting Class Events as well as selling boats.

Kathryn Wheatley - Office

Kathryn arrived in January 2010 to work in the Ovington Office. Kathryn processes the payroll – so we're all nice to her! She is also responsible for paying the suppliers – so they'd best be nice to her too! She organises transport world-wide for all of our customers ensuring the quickest transfer times are met.


Lisa Marshall - Office

Lisa joined in April 2013 and work's in the Ovington Office. She is responsible for manufacturing purchase orders, office support & documentation control. She has worked in office management positions previously & will be looking to streamline our documentation processes.

Mark Lashley - Foreman - Laminating

Mark came to Ovington Boats in March 1997 having worked in the fibre glass industry for 15 yrs. He leads the laminating teams and is able to work with either epoxy or polyester. He also 'trims' the boats and helps out with the mould making. Mark encourages and motivates his fellow workers to achieve high standards and is dedicated to ensuring others follow his lead.


Bryan Ward - Foreman - Finishing

Bryan joined Ovi’s in March ’97. He’s our main fitter concentrating on the 49ers and Musto Skiffs. As well as this he can laminate and leads the finishing teams ensuring that our products leave here conforming to our high quality standards. Bryan is also the master of our rope splicing producing all of our custom rigging to your requirements. 

Davey Carr

Davey has been here since April 1995. Davy is our ‘foil man’, he makes the foils for 49ers, 29ers, International 14’s and MPSs. He’s useful to have around as he’s also a dab hand at laminating and trimming. Davey is fanatical about quality, you can rest assured that you will only get the best. 


Steve Kirby

Steve came to Ovington Boats in January 2001 leaving a London boat builders to return to the North. He’s one of our main laminators and over the years has been involved in laminating all types of boats, in particular Flying 15s and 505s. Steve specialises in 49er Wings.

Drew Wakenshaw

Drew joined Ovi Boats in December 2004. His trained as a draftsman and ran his own Automotive repair centre. Drew concentrates on repairs and finishing. From minute defects to a complete boat, he derives great satisfaction from producing a high standard of finish.


John Conroy

John started in May 2006 and is the loudest member of staff! He comes from a background of industrial composites, he fits in well with the Team and gets the 29ers out at the pace and quality required. John enjoys training our younger team members, passing on his years of experience.

Shaun King

Shaun returned to Ovington’s in October 2010 having worked here previously as a Laminator. He has been building up his experience and technique mainly working on our 29ers but has now started to work on some of our epoxy resin boats in order to broaden his skills.


Richard Pearson

Richard joined us in May 2011, and is our main mast builder. Coming from a background in aerospace manufacturing, Richard is a perfect candidate for the accuracy required when working to tight tolerances. He has implemented many new jigs to ensure that our products are made to the same standards every time.

Lee Sunderland

Lee is part of our fitting out team concentrating mainly on 29ers since he started in May 2011. He can also help out in mast fitting as and when demand requires. Lee studied for an engineering qualification prior to starting with us which has helped out in his area of expertise.


Sam Stockill

Sam joined Ovi’s in March 2013 as an Apprentice Laminator.  He is now fully qualified and can build both polyester and epoxy boats.  Sam is able to build the majority of our boats and is doing very well. 


Richard Watson

Richard started in January 2013 as general hand, packing orders & helping out as and when needed. Richard left school and came to us as he is very interested in sailing. He then progressed to Packing & Logistics Controller and has recently been promoted again, now focussing more towards sales, event support and our website.


Alex Brenner

Alex arrived at Ovington Boats in February 1997, initially to build Mumm 30s before moving into the racing dinghy sections. He now works mainly with epoxy resins and is capable of laminating any of our boats including 49ers, VX Ones and MPSs.

Wayne Craven

Wayne originally came to Ovington’s in 1997, left and re-joined again in October 2006. Wayne came from a laminating background in both boats and industrial grp products which was ideal but now specialises in fit out of 29ers & 49ers as well as F15s and Albacores.


Tony Hay

Tony started his apprenticeship in September 2013, training as a Finisher/Repairer under the watchful eye of Drew.  This role requires precise detail and attention to ensure our products are in perfect condition when they leave. Tony passed successfully and now works using his own initiative as he builds up his knowledge base.

Peter Thompson

Peter joined the team in January 2014. He had worked in GRP, previously manufacturing parts for ships/lifeboats. Peter very quickly learnt polyester and can also now work on epoxy boats. He is keen and passionate about producing a quality product which is exactly what we are looking for.


Zeth Marnitz

Zeth started Feb 2014 as a laminator having a varied background of skills working in mechanical/electrical & decorating roles over the past 15yrs. His positive, willing attitude has helped him fit in immediately working on our new epoxy 505 boats. 

Phil Hodgkins

Phil joined Ovi’s team in Jan 2014 to assist in specialist builds and mould work working on a part time basis. Phil has built his own GP14s in wood so has great boat building skills and is proving to be a valuable team member.


Rob Ward

Rob joined Ovi’s team in Mar 2014 due to increased demand. He has a mechanical background, used to working with tools, which has been ideal as he works in the fitting dept. Rob has picked up the role with speed and is working towards full fit-out on both 29er and 49er boats.


Micky Madderson

Micky joined Ovi’s in Mar 2015 packing orders, helping out with boat deliveries and logistics. Micky had worked in Food Management prior to joining so he is keen in making sure that the items ordered are delivered right first time.


Peter Snowdon

Peter joined the team in May 2015. He had his own business building and repairing surfboards so came in ready with a good level of skill. He has worked on boats but moved into the foil manufacturing area due to increased demand. Peter, like Davey, is passionate about producing quality products.


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