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Built To Win


We have used Ovington boats for many years, their quality, service and attention to detail is second to none, many thanks.

- Simon Hiscocks - 49er Sailor, Silver & Bronze Meda [Read More]

Frequently Asked Questions


Q – I can’t find the part I need on the website?

A – No problem, just call us on 0191 2576011 and we’ll be happy to help you find the correct parts.


Q – The part I need is marked as out of stock, how long until its back in stock?

A – We do our best to keep a good level of stock on all of our products at all times. However sometimes we do run out! Delivery times for stock can vary massively; the best way is to email: and we’ll give you an estimated time.


Q –I’ve ordered the wrong part, what do I do?

A – Just let us know and we’ll sort it out. If you’ve realised straight away, we can correct the package before it gets sent out. If not, you’ll have to send the original product back to us, unused, and we’ll get the correct part sent out to you.


Q – I’m interested in buying a boat, is there any more information?

A – Of course, contact any of our sales team on the ‘Contact Us’ page and they’ll be happy to speak to you about any questions you might have.


Q – Are you flexible with the boat packages?

A – Yes! We try to keep a standardised package available for everyone to use to keep things simple and easy. However if you want anything added or removed from the package or even any fit out changes done to the boat, we’d be happy to do that!



Q – When will I get my order?

A – We aim to get all our online orders out on the same day for UK next day delivery. Any over-sized or over-seas packages will take longer to get to you but we do our best to keep delivery times down.


Q – How do I find my local Ovington dealer?

A – All of our dealers can be found under our ‘Dealer’ page - They’ll be happy to help you with any orders or enquiries you have.


Q – Can I pick my order up direct?

A – Yes. Just let us know you want to collect your order/boat instead of us shipping it out and we’ll get it ready for you. Just give us enough time to prep the order for you!



Q – Where is Ovington based?

A – We’re based in the North East of England in North Shields.


Q – Will Ovington be supporting/attending ‘x’ sailing event?

A – We try to attend all of our classes’ major events or have one of our dealers attend alongside us or instead of us if we can’t make it! Check out the yearly calendar to see where we will be over the year! If we’re not down to attend an event you think we should be, let us know!



Q – How do I fix small scratches & chips on my boat or foils?

A – We sell small pots of gelcoat which you can use for small touch ups. We’ll need the boats HIN (Number engraved into the transom) to match the gel for the best match.


Q – I’ve damaged my boat, can you fix it?

A – Of course! Our professional repairer’s can make it look like new in no time. A lot of the time we’ll be able to bring it back after an event ourselves, but if not, just get the boat to our factory and we’ll do the rest.


With dealers in countries around the world you can rest assured professional help is always at hand.

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View our contact page for a location map and directions.

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