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I race an Ovington 29er, it gives us confidence knowing it is a good boat, and will be fast, straight out of the wrapper....

- Jack Simpson Team NZL 2nd 29er Worlds 2013 [Read More]

Rig Sense Tension Gauge

Product Code: GEN00007

 Rig-Sense is a simple to use device, measuring the tension directly in kilogrammes to eliminate any conversions. Rig-Sense also benefits from being able to operated one handed and can support itself on the rig whilst being used. It uses quality parts for long term performance, consistent and accurate readings over time.

Rig-Sense offers a big improvement to the measurement of rig tension, making it simpler and easier for the sailor, and now coupled with the Rig-Sense App comes the ability to share and export data for later analysis with your team or sharing knowledge within a class

Price: £124.99


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