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Built To Win


When I've had the choice I have always preferred Ovington boats, it just comes down to craftsmanship, quality and dealing with a professional team who understand dinghy racing. They have built all my International 14's and 18ft Skiffs over the...

- Martin Jones - International 14 Sailor, POW Cup Wi [Read More]

Research, Design and Development

Ovington Boats are proud to offer a unique service of research, design, and development. If you have a concept or idea we will be happy to assist you with the design and development. We have the expertise and capabilities to offer the entire service in-house. From design, to prototype, to manufacture, our service can provide a finished product to an extremely high standard, and within a stipulated timescale. Our design service does not have to involve a complete boat, it could be a mast or foils you would like designed, manufactured or ‘tweaked’ in a specific way.

Custom Builds

Ovington Boats has a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation for producing custom built International 14’s and 18’ Skiffs that consistently win. Contact us with your requirements - we currently have facilities to build hulls up to 35’ in a variety of materials including pre-preg carbon.

Tooling Design and Manufacture

With experience gained from building a wide variety of boats, Ovington’s can offer a specialist service of tooling design and manufacture. High quality tooling design has enabled us to produce boats that are both cost effective and to a superior standard. Ovington Boats has been engaged to develop tooling for many classes of boats to improve hull to deck joins, ease of assembly, and surface finish along with many other benefits.

Contract Manufacturing

Ovington Boats also produces boats under sub-contract for other companies. A few of these boats are VX Ones, VX Evo's and previously International 505’s, Phantom’s, GP14s, SK2 and National 12’s.


With dealers in countries around the world you can rest assured professional help is always at hand.

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