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    Weight        109kg     Mainsail area        8.36sqm   
    Length     4.57m        Jib area     3.25sqm  
    Width     1.55m        Designer     Uffa Fox
    Mast length        6.95m      Year     1954


    Hull       Epoxy foam sandwich construction
    Mast       Alloy tapered mast
    Sails       Dacron main and jib - can be made by any sail maker if comply to class rules   


The Ovington Albacores are built under licence issued by the RYA and the National Albacore Association - and are supplied into the UK and Canada. The Albacore is an ideal first boat for those who are just learning to sail and a very competitive racer for more advanced sailors. Powerful and adjustable sail controls allow sailors to depower in high winds - enabling both light and heavy crews to race head to head.

The Albacore is a boat that is both simple to get into at first and one which will challenge your tuning and tactical skills for the rest of your life. There are sailors racing Albacores from all walks of life and range in age from teenagers to masters pushing 80 years of experience.   

Fully fitted Albacores are available in the UK from CS Boats and Pinnell & Bax.


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