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Built To Win


Sailing out through the surf reminded me of the responsiveness that comes from a light, stiff boat built in modern materials: I have spent too much time recently sailing mass production boats!...

- Mark Rushall, Team GBR Paralympic coach, SB3, Ultr [Read More]




    Weight     61kg        Mainsail area        9.8sqm
    Length     4.42m        Designer     Paul Wright/ Brian Taylor   
    Width     1.64m     Year     1971
    Mast length        6.1m       


    Hull    Epoxy GRP foam sandwich laminate     
    Mast       Various options comply with class rules - typically carbon fibre   
    Sails       Can be made by any sailmaker if conform to class rules - typically laminate sailcoth   


The Phantom has evoloved since its inception in 1971 to a refined single hander with a stiff, lightweight epoxy hull with carbon spars. The powerful sail drives the boat well in light conditions and the adjustable rig allows you to efficiently depower when the breeze is up making the Phantom a great boat throughout the wind range.

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